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2013 Xbiz award winner:     Luxury Toy/Line of the Year (Form 6).

JIMMYJANE - Media / Articles

Press Highlights 2009-2014   (18mb)

Rachael Ray Promotes Jimmyjane Sex Toy on National TV Show (PDF)
Hello Touch featured on GIZMODO
Hello Touch featured in FLARE Magazine
Hugh Dancy Hits the Spot: Hysteria - Huffington Post
Can a Better Vibrator Inspire an Age of Great American Sex? - the Atlantic
COSMOPOLITAN Article - (pdf)
Article - What's Inside Counts: Sex Toys and Design (pdf)

Product Info sheets

Form 2 Training Sheet - (pdf)
Form 3 Training Sheet - (pdf)
Form 4 Training Sheet - (pdf)
Form 6 Training Sheet - (pdf)
Hello Touch Training Sheet - (pdf)
Afterglow Training Sheet - (pdf)
Contour M Training Sheet - (pdf)
Little Something Training Sheet - (pdf)
Little Chroma Training Sheet - (pdf)
Usual Suspects Training Sheet - (pdf)
Iconic Rabbit Training Sheet - (pdf)
Iconic Pocket Training Sheet - (pdf)
Iconic Ring Training Sheet - (pdf)
Iconic Smoothie Training Sheet - (pdf)
Iconic Bullet Training Sheet - (pdf)
JIMMYJANE Training Docs All - (pdf)

Promotional Materials

New Form Series Card - (pdf)
New Form 2 Card - (pdf)
New Form 3 Card - (pdf)
New Form 4 Card - (pdf)
Form 4 brochure spread - (pdf)
Form 4 Table Card - (pdf)
Form 4 Poster - (pdf)
New Form 6 Card - (pdf)
Large JIMMYJANE Poster - (pdf sample)
The Gentleman's Guide to Vibrators - (pdf)
2011 JIMMYJANE Product Catalogue - (pdf)

Videos (Right click to download)

Form 2 Video - (448 x 252 AVI)
Form 3 Video - (448 x 252 AVI)
Form 4 Video - (448 x 252 AVI)
Form 6 Video - (448 x 252 AVI)
Afterglow Video - (448 x 252 AVI)
Little Something Video - (448 x 252 AVI)
The Usual Suspects Video - (448 x 252 AVI)


JIMMYJANE Form 4 Press Release

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