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2015 Xbiz award winner:  Pleasure Products Company of the Year

LELO Keeps You Healthy... According to Oprah

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USPTO Issues Patent for LELO’S Award-Winning TIANI Couples’ Massager

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Glamour Magazine article featuring LELO INSIGNIA

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Picobong product sheet Mahana (pdf)

Picobong product sheet Tano (pdf)

Picobong leaflet (pdf)

PicoBong Powerpoint (pptx)


"Are LUNA beads mini not recommended for women 30+ and or who have experienced childbirth because it is believed that their vagina lacks the elasticity & strength to use the mini balls?"

"The above are recommendations only. Every woman's anatomy is different and if there were any concerns not to use a particular LELO product we would have made this explicitly clear on the packaging. Our recommendations are based on the feedback of our focus groups on which they preferred according to age group/ pregnancy. The notice was to try to give additional information that helps inform on the purchase decision. We have now updated the LUNA manual to explain that these are recommendations only, and actually many post-menopausal women prefer the mini beads and vice versa."

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