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1601 169 Proof Sleeves One per package.
1601-1 169 Proof Sleeve  Displays 24 packages per display. Save $11.00
1602 169 Proof Cups 12 per cup.
1602-1 169 Proof Cups Display 6 cups per display. Save $23.00
SL145-1 DISP-Sexual Enhancemints Sexual Enhancemints is the only breath mint that contains Rhodiola Rosea Extract, a powerful herb clinically proven to improve sexual stamina and mood. 2-3 mints per serving. 20 mints per tin.
SL701 * Herbagra Formula- 90 Caps "All natural Viagra Formula is designed to be taken as required, aiding in erectile dysfunction and chronic impotence. Herbagra can also be used as an on demand sexual enhancer for extended lovemaking. Last up to two hours. One month supply."
SL703 * HIS Formula - 90 Caps "Powerful strengthening and arousing natural aphrodisiac. This formula is directed toward increasing male orgasm, virility and prostate health. HIS Formula has the capacity to generate sexual desire while alleviating sexual problems.  One month supply."
SL704 * HER Formula - 90 Caps Designed to enhance the woman's orgasm by promoting and optimizing the quality and circulation of the blood to the clitoris and increasing sexual pleasure. Increases female sexuality and libido while providing a rejuvenating effect on the skin.
SL705 * EXTENDIT Formula - 90 Caps ExtendIt penis enlargement is a strong natural aphrodisiac designed to prolong maximum invigoration of blood to the penis. Generates erections by blending herbal vasodilators with potent tonic herbs to generate maximum blood engorgement within the penis.
SL706 * EVERLAST Formula - 90 Caps EverLast was formulated to help Both sexes. Men will last longer then average, stay Hard and have a longer lasting Ejaculation, and women will enjoy a longer lasting Orgasm and extra stimulation. Contains 90 tablets. Take 1 to 2 capsules daily.


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