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BC106 Bridal  Play Dice Game Get your bridal party started with a roll of the dice!!  It doesn’t matter if you are the bride-to-be or one of the bride’s maids, Bridal-Play will have everyone laughing out loud.  
BC113 Bachelorette I.O.U Dare Game We dare you not to have fun with this exciting and hilarious Bride to Be  Bachelorette party game. From mild to outrageous, the secret party dares will provide hours of amusing entertainment for everyone. 
BC201 How Well Do You Know the Bride The Hilarious Party Trivia Game That will have everyone laughing out loud as they test their knowledge about the bride. The perfect game for both bachelorette parties and bridal showers! Choose from Trivia Topics such as: The Couple, Her Sex Life, etc.
BC203 Spin the Bride-to-Be Take one last walk on the wild side with this hilarious party game. Act out amusing dares, tell naughty truths, and knock back your favourite drinks as you challenge party-goers to participate in outrageously entertaining antics!
BC221 Hot Willy Party Game Your Bachelorette party, birthday party, or bridal shower will not be complete without the hilarious "Hot Willy" party game. The Hot Willy game is very similar to musical chairs & hot potato. 
BC501 Lite Up Party Dice-Bride to Be This party die is a necessary addition to any party including, bachelorette, hen, and even bridal showers. Take turns rolling the die to create hilarious dares. No matter what kind of party you’re throwing, this party die is sure to light up your night! 
BC503 Did You vs Would You Ever-BTB Did You Ever? or Would You Ever?  - those are the questions!  Get all the juicy dirt on your friends and partygoers as they reveal their naughty little secrets while playing this hilariously entertaining party game. 
BC505 Willy Says! Bride to Be Game No, this isn't "Simon Says", its "Willy Says...!"  And Willy wants to make your next Bachelorette party, Hen party, or Girls Night Out a huge hit! Hours of outrageous entertainment. Contents: 80 Hilarious "Willy Says..." Dare Cards. 
BC507 Five Card Studs- Bride to Be Make your next party a night to remember with Five Card Studs - the hilariously funny girls’ night out party game. Perfect for bachelorette parties, hen parties or anytime you want to have fun with the girls. Contents: 50 Stud Cards and 50 Dare Cards.
BC509 Where's Willy? Bride to Be Forget about looking for Mr. Right, this party game is all about looking for Mr. Willy and the real-life hunk that resembles him. Contents: 25 Willy Cards, 25 Dare Cards, and 1 Instruction Card. Convenient Travel Size!
BC511 Drink and Dare Bride Bingo A super exciting, ultra fun Bride-to-Be party game that will have you in side-splitting, uproarious laughter. This isn’t your parent’s Bingo game! Contents: 12 "I Dare You" Bingo Cards, 12 "I Double-Dare You" Bingo Cards and 70 Punch-Out Bingo Markers.
BC513 Pass the Buck- Truth or Dare The hilarious drinking game of truth and dare. Perfect for bachelorette parties, hen parties, girls’ night out, or anytime you just want to have fun with the girls.
G013 Pin the Hose on the Fireman Pin The Hose On The Fireman Game is certainly an excellent game to light a bachelorette party on fire! This game is a risque version of pin the tail on the donkey. A poster of a fireman is hung on the wall and each girl gets a different "hose." 
G028 Bachelorette VIP Party Pass Be the life of the party with this VIP party pass! Perfect for a bachelorette party at a bar or night club, the back of this all-accesss pass has a check-list of great dares for the VIP to achieve! Assorted colors (black, white, and pink.)
G029 Make Your Own Party Sash Write your own personal messages such as "Buy me a Drink" or "Single and Looking" or perhaps just your phone number! Sash comes complete with pink colored fabric marker. Sash is 5 feet long to fit most partygoers. Safety pin not included.
G030 Miss Bachelorette Sash Bachelorette Sash - The perfect addition to any bachelorette party wardrobe. Make your friend feel like a queen for her special night! This sash is adjustable and designed to fit all bachelorettes. Let this be a night she won’t forget!
G031 The Last Fling Shot Glass Last Fling Shooter Glass - Miss Bachelorette’s last fling shooter challenge - a must-have shooter for your next bachelorette party! This 2 1/2 ounce (double-sized) shot glass will surely turn your unsuspecting bachelorette into the life of the party. 
G032 Shot Glass Wedding Ring Bachelorette Shot Glass - The top of this wedding ring flips open to form a shot glass. Your bachelorette can easily do shots all night long! 
G033 Bachelorette's Party Dice Bachelorette Party Dice - One die tells your bachelorette what to do, the other one tells her who she does it to or with! 
G034 Bachelorette's Bar Challenge Bachelorette Bar Challenge - The bachelorette has to perform several dares and will probably be humiliated before the night is over. It is perfect for taking to the type of bar with lots of guys.
G035 Bachelorette's Wild Night Out Wedding ring shot glass, bar challange card game and party dice all in one kit! 
G036 Bachelorettes Naughty Necklace The perfect fashion accessory for a wild bachelorette party.
G037 Bling Bling Shot Glass Ring This hip new ring doubles as a wearable shot glass for your bachelorette! The flashing LED light inside the ring is sure to get attention from party-goers near and far!
G038 Bride to Be-Dirty Little Secrt The hilariously inappropriate card game for her last night of freedom! Players attempt to guess the Bride-To-Be's answers to shocking questions, and earn points when correct. Can also be played as a drinking game.
G502 BACHELORETTE ROULETTE- GAME Throw a bachelorette party they will never forget. Spin the wheel, pick up the corresponding Dare card. Players earn points completing the dare. Once all 37 dares have been completed, the player with the most points wins. 6-12 players.
G513 Male Stereotypes Party Game Male Stereotypes is a hilarious party game is perfect for Girls' Nights Out and bachelorette parties. Locate, within the bar or club, specific male stereotypes and then get to know them by asking embarassing questions and completing hilarious dares!
G518 Girls Night Out Party Vows Girls Night Out Party Vows & Dares are a collection of hilarious dares, outrageous antics, and hysterical activities designed to create lasting memories and strengthen the bond that you already share with your close friends. Contents: 72 Party Dares.
G540 #1Bachelorette Foam Finger This unique 18-inch tall foam hand depicts a manicured female hand sporting a large diamond engagement ring. Underside reads, "Buy Me A Drink!" This is the must have accessory for your next bachelorette party or bridal shower.
G541 Girls Night Out - Penis Finger Standing noticeably erect at 18.5 inches tall it's sure to get loads of naughty attention! Make your next girl's night out a memorable occasion!
HT113 Necklace Dicky Charms Great Party Fun! - Dicky Charms multi-flavored penis shaped candy in a super-stretch necklace and bracelet. Fun to chew, fun to bite, dicky charms will make your nite! 
HT114 Bracelet Dicky Charms Great Party Fun! - Dicky Charms multi-flavored penis shaped candy in a super-stretch necklace and bracelet. Fun to chew, fun to bite, dicky charms will make your nite! 
HT321 Small-Peter Party Cake Pan-6pk The world's first disposable penis shaped cake pan!  This is the mini size (5in), 6 pack.  Great for bachelorette parties.
HT322 Med- Peter Party Cake Pans-2pk The world's first disposable penis shaped cake pan!  This is the mediun size (10in), 2 pack.  Great for bachelorette parties.
HT323 Large-Peter Party Cake Pan-2pk The world's first disposable penis shaped cake pan!  This is the large size (14in), 2 pack.  Great for bachelorette parties.


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